Lfo Express

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LFO Express

The definitive LFO add-on for Blender. A very powerful tool for animating your scene.

ūü™© Includes automatically-calculated BPM Sync option¬†ūü™©

Set the cycle rate to a number of Frames, or set it to BPM and sync it to a BPM value automatically calculated based on your project frame rate.

Choose from Sine, Saw Down, Saw Up, Triangle, Square, S&H, and Noise wave shapes. 

Set the amplitude, rate, and offset to any values you would like. 

Animate anything and everything in Blender using LFOs! 

Adjust in real time and manipulate LFOs with other LFOs in Express V2! 

Add infinite LFOs to your scene and animate everything!

V4 Update 04/04/24

- Added "Cycle Delay" property per LFO - give each LFO a delay value between cycles for even further animation control, including the ability to animate the delay value using another LFO!

- Added "Presets" feature with a small handful of LFO presets. Users can easily add their own presets by editing the text file, at the top of the file is the presets very clearly laid out. 

- Added "Up/Down" repositioning arrows for the ability to reorder them in the UI List

V3 Update 02/02/24

- Express toggles have been added to the top of the panel to allow quick application of any LFO to multiple objects and transform attributes simultaneously 

- Position X, Y, Z

- Rotation X, Y, Z

- Scale X, Y, Z

- A 4th operator button "Express Apply" has been added to each LFO row. 

- Press the Express Apply button on any LFO row to automatically apply the LFO as a driver to all of the enabled attributes on each of the selected objects

V2_2 Update 01/16

New version adds the following abilities;

- Collapse / Expand LFO

- Duplicate LFO button 

- Relocates "Clipboard LFO" button to the single-row so that LFOs can be copied to clipboard while collapsed, also saves screen space when expanded. Now only the LFO attributes are part of the expansion, and functions are available as buttons on the individual headers. 

Product Files now includes LFO_Express_V2, introducing a fully dynamic real-time LFO system for Blender. 

Helpful Tip 
A full rotation is calculated in radians. If you're applying an LFO to a rotational value, and you want an object to complete a perfect full rotation, use a value of 2pi or 6.283

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Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
License GPL
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