Leomoon Lightstudio

by LeoMoon Studios in Scripts and Addons

Important Notice

LeoMoon LightStudio (formerly known as Blender Light Studio) is 100% free and open-source. You can download and use it without any limitations. The purpose of this product page is to raise funds to fix the bugs, improve the user interface and add new features.

If you think this plugin speeds up your workflow, consider funding the development of it by purchasing this plugin.

This plugin is currently in beta for Blender 2.8x. You might encounter bugs.

I will post monthly development fund report. Stay tuned for the Jan 2020 report.


LeoMoon LightStudio is the easiest, fastest and most advanced lighting system for Blender 2.8x.

With Blender 2.8x we had to add a new OpenGL based LightPanel which makes the development much harder. We are now trying to add light previews.

LeoMoon LightStudio is packed with features and the new Light Node has so many options so you can customize each light exactly the way you want.

Video below shows the options that are available per light.


  • Add/Remove lights around objects
  • Add multiple light profiles
  • Each light has many options to customize
  • Easily switch between light profiles with a single click
  • All options per light can be animated
  • Each light can have different light texture
  • Fastest render update while lighting
  • Realistic HDR light textures included
  • Easy 2D manipulation of light in the LightPanel which translates to 3D positioning of that light
  • Toggle light by double clicking on it in the LightPanel
  • Isolate light by right clicking on it in the LightPanel
  • Lights can be added to different renders layers
  • Import/Export light profiles


LeoMoon LightStudio uses mesh lights and currently, EEVEE does not support mesh lights in real-time. Rendering is only supported in Cycles.

Background HDR vs Manual Lighting

Why not use the other background HDR light plugins? It's simple. Template based light plugins are for noobs! They are predictable and limited. For product renders, you want lots of options and control, NOT templates!

However you can create your own light profiles in LeoMoon LightStudio and import/export light profiles in different projects.

Why Are You Selling This "Free" Plugin?

Me and some generous donors, we've been funding LightStudio so far. This plugin is getting harder to develop and we need your help.

If you think this plugin speeds up your workflow, consider funding the development of it by purchasing this plugin.

Thank you.

Known Bugs and Upcoming Changes

  • There's an error when Blender 2.8x opens but the plugin is still functional
  • When deleting Light STudio, it will show an error
  • Animating lights will be added soon
  • LightStudio menu is not ordered correctly in 2.8x