Lego Rig

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Lego Rig

Personally, I loved the animation of the Lego movie. It was really interesting how they gave it the stop motion style... I also loved the craziness of the whole story! That's the reason why I wanted to see how we could do the same in Blender! I'm happy to introduce to you the Blender Lego Rig:

Blender Lego Rig

In order to copy the style of the movie and to keep the feeling as real as possible, I didn't make the leg or the arm bend, but kept it rigid. So at the end, it makes a very simple rig with IKFK for the limb and some basic controls for every part but also a blender file to create and back some facial animation.

It's also fully UV unwrapped so that you can create your own lego character!

* Simple rig for stop motion style animation.
* All UV unwrapped
* IKFK for the limb
* Blender Face file to back facial animation.
* Blender CYCLE render

I hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to see the animation and character you are going to come up with!!!
And remenber... EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!! ... especially animation!

**** Updates ****
Lego_rig_002.blend - fix a little bug with hands rig.
Lego_Face-2-77 - to use with blender 2.77 and higher for the face file. The script has a mistake with blender 2.77

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