Leather Bag

by bernardo-iraci in Models

The usage of the bag is really simple. The rig will allow you to open and close the bag, move and rotate its belt and deform the bag main body. The sphere shaped bones are used to move the belt around, while the circular arrows rotate the belt. The rest of the rig is used to move the main bag body and to open the cover. INSTRUCTIONS TO IMPORT THE BAG IN YOUR SCENE: - Select "link" or "append" from the File menu on the top. - From there navigate to the location of the blend file provided and click on it. -Go to the folder "Object" and select the "Bag", "BagHandle" and "BagBelt" objects. Hit enter and you are ready to go! NOTE: also the mesh used as shapes for the armature's bones will be imported, and they need to be kept in the scene. You can move them to an unused layer of the scene. MATERIALS: There are 2 shaders: the leather and the metal of the bag. Both of them are quite basic materials, a mix of diffuse and glossy. You will find a Diffuse, a Roughness and a Normal map for both of them. For the leather the glossy color is obtained by mixing the Diffuse with an uniform color, while the Metal has its own Glossy color texture. In order to change the look of the shaders you can play with the frenel value. Increasing this value will make the materials more glossy. If you would like to make the reflections sharper, just darken the roughness texture using an curve RGB node or a ramp node. The mapping of the texture should not be changed as they are not tileable. MODIFIERS Each object in the scene has an Armature modifier, used to parent the mesh to the armature. On the Bag and BagBelt objects you will also find a subdivison surface modifier. You can change the division level depending on the amount of detail you need. By default it is set to 2 for both meshes. LAYERS LAYER 01: you will find the bag itself. LAYER 02: a quick studio scene to make quick studio renders of the object. LAYER 03: shapes used for the bones LAYER 11: Armature
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