Learn Geometry Nodes Animation In Blender Course

by Eldamar Studio Inc. in Training

Unlock the power of Blender’s cutting-edge feature, Geometry Nodes, and embark on a creative journey into the world of procedural animation with our course – “Learn Geometry Nodes Animation in Blender

Whether you’re an Intermediate Blender user or a newcomer to the world of 3D, this course is designed to elevate your skills and broaden your understanding of procedural animation.


  • Procedural Animation Techniques: Dive deep into the world of procedural animation, discovering how to create dynamic and responsive animations using Geometry Nodes. Explore techniques for animating objects, particles, and more.
  • Advanced Node Operations: Learn advanced node operations and workflows to create complex and intricate animations. Understand how to manipulate geometry, control transformations, and achieve realistic effects.
  • Optimizing Workflow: Streamline your animation workflow by learning tips and tricks for optimizing and organizing your Geometry Nodes setups. Enhance efficiency and productivity throughout the animation creation process.
  • Real-World Projects: Apply your newfound knowledge through hands-on, real-world projects. From abstract motion graphics to dynamic simulations, you’ll work on projects that showcase the versatility of Geometry Nodes

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Published 5 months ago
Blender Version 3.6, 3.3
License Royalty Free
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