Lazy Weight Tool

by Bookyakuno in Scripts and Addons

Supports weight painting by displaying and editing weights in a table, setting weights by numerical, strengthen vertex selection , etc.

Set Weight

  • Flood weight

    • Assign weight values for current brush settings. At runtime, normalize all
  • Set weight 1.0,0.9,0.75,0.5,0.25,0.1,0.0

    • Assign a fixed number. At runtime, normalize all

Weight Table

  • Vertex weights and assigned vertex groups can be displayed and edited in a table
  • Highlight of specified numerical value (Match / More / Less)


Vertices can be selected smoothly while still in weight paint mode.

Loop selection and shortest path selection can be selected by clicking as in mesh editing mode.

  • Select more (Ctrl + Numpad + “+”)
  • Select less (Ctrl + Numpad + “-”)
  • Select multi Loop
  • Select edge loop (Alt + Left DoubleClick)
  • Select Link (L)


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