Lazy Keyset

by Bookyakuno in Scripts and Addons

Set keyframe steps and two point keyframe animations

Create motion graphics-like simple movements with just a few clicks.


Moves the selected keyframe in steps.

Use Selection Order

You can use the object name list function to create steps in the desired order.
Blender has no selection order, so it solves the problem of not being able to step in the intended order.

Set a Keyframe Between 2 Points

You can insert keyframes with animated positions, rotations, and scales.
You can set the animation interval, delay, keyframe interpolation, easing, etc.

By default, an animation is created in which the current frame is keyed and the transform changes to the specified value after 10 frames.


  • Frame offset
  • Frame inversion
  • delay
  • Keyframe interpolation
    • Set keyframe interpolation
    • Same content as the T key in the graph editor
    • "Special Ease In / Out" corrects the fcurve handle for a strong ease in / out. 
  • Easing
  • Use preview range
    • Set the start / end of the frame to the beginning and end of the created keyframe
    • It will be easier to check the created animation. After adjustment, you can return to the original frame range by disabling the option
    • There are options only in the operator's post-configuration