Large Mansion 2021 Blender Eevee And Cycles 1

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NOTE: This scene contains textures from Poliigon and may not be redistributed (Visit the Poliigon website for more licensing information). If you don't have a Poliigon license, but you plan to redistribute this in a commercial project, feel free to replace all the textures by your own sourced textures.


This project is developed in blender 2.93.0


This download contains a complete furnished mansion with garden. Everything is textured, and the lighting is completely baked for fast Eevee renders (day and night version). This model can be used for commercial purposes and works with real-time game engines.


Short description

This is a classic mansion with modern elements and a furnished interior for Blender Eevee and cycles.

Everything in the scene is originally designed and modeled.


Day and night version

There are 2 blend files included with both a fully baked day and night version of this villa, Both versions can be set to cycles.



All doors and window covers are animated by key frames.

These key frames can be moved to suit your animation or static renders.

The doors are parented to the floor of the house, so when moving and rotating the structure, the doors will keep opening like they should.


The animations are not exported into other file formats.


Performance (Eevee)

The scene is optimized to get as much performance and as little memory usage as possible. I would still recommend a system with at least 8gb RAM and 6gb GPU memory. (although the rendered Eevee viewport uses less than 6gb RAM and GPU memory)

If your GPU doesn’t have enough memory, you can always choose to render with cycles on your CPU.



All cycles settings are already set up (samples, bounces, denoiser) the only thing manually adjusted is the different camera exposure for every room

When rendering with Cycles, Try to only turn on the lights of the spaces that are actually visible on the renders. Especially the sunlight’s quality will be much more noisy when many lights are turned on.




This scene is designed and optimized around Eevee. all the lighting and reflections are baked in by using a irradiance volume and reflection cubes. This engine is perfect to make animations that are rendered quick. Every new asset added to this scene will automatically adopt the lighting and reflections.


Scene setup

Objects are named and grouped into categories, so they can be easily hidden/unhidden

All objects are easily movable, and objects like doors have the pivot point on the hinges.


Procedural art

This house contains a few paintings with modern art. This is procedurally generated art with Blenders default nodes. When this object is being copied, it automatically generates new artworks. So it is possible to replace an existing piece with something newly generated.


Other engines/software

It’s possible to use this in other (game)engines as well, but for optimization reasons some materials use the same colormap but with a HUE node connected to them. So for other software, some textures need to be replaced, or its HUE edited in the game engine or photo editing software.


Some materials like the pool water and canvas arts are procedurally generated and need to be replaced by alternative sources in your preferred software.


Use cases:

(commercial/monetized) Examples for this scene can be used for: Game / Environment design, VR, AR and other real-time apps. Research, Interior and exterior renders, Greenscreen, Animation, advertisement, Education, presentations, Design study, Film scene


Feel free to use the assets in and around this house for projects as well.


Polycount (whole scene excluding car)

        Objects: 4491

        Vertices: 2,479,500

        Edges: 4,825,142

        Faces: 2,384,437

        Triangles: 4,783,338


Native file

        BLEND (native)



All file exports are exported using blenders default settings. (grass, car, canvas arts and pool water not exported)












The following materials aren't licensed by Poliigon, so they can be redistributed in commercial projects without issues. (other textures are licensed but can be replaced, see the note at the top of this page)


        The book textures (custom-made)

        Interior plant textures

        The Canvas art and pool water (Procedurally generated)

        The sky HDRI (procedurally generated)

        The blueprint plans

        Image on the pc screens

        The tree bark and leaves (texture haven)

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Blender Version 2.93
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
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License Royalty Free
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