Lamps Collection

by 3D SHAKER in Models

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  • Hartmut Döring almost 3 years ago

    I keep the Set because:
    + I like some Designes a lot
    + The Dev's react fast if help is needed.

    Problemes at this point are:
    -The desk lamps have round light cones in reflective material, even if they have rectangular heads
    - The glass material makes dark shadows on walls, like it is not transparent
    - The cables are polyps not nurbs, so you can't put them fast like you need them for your scene
    - Some of the models could be more optimized, or could have a lower version, they have 120k - 200+k polys and sometimes in places it makes no sense most of the time, for example screws in the bottom were only the head of the screw is visible.

    However the Design is great, I think this Set has great potential for perfection (5 Stars) if the small Problems get fixed. But if I buy a Set I expect it to already have worked the little problemes out for me, and I just can use it. So a little more love is needed to give this set a perfect rating at this point in my opinion.
    (If I see a update with fixes, I will update my rating too)

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