Lamborghini Aventador

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I'm pretty sure that is the sound in your head when you look at the shape of this car. The Lamborghini Aventador is definitely something to look at! With that in mind this 3D model was created to look good from every angle- front, side and back... and inside too. But more than that, it was made to function, because you can't get vroom without moving of course. This item is both great for aesthetic stills as well as a full on animation.

Feature list

  • The Car itself :D
  • Naming system prefixed with "LAM" before each part so that you can easily append it into your current project and not have to look for anything or run the risk of having it renamed to an untidy ".001"
  • Animation ready with an easy-to-use setup
  • Included lighting setup (infinity curve with some surrounding lights)

Tech specs:

The model only uses 56k verts or 95k polygons originally and requires a subsurf level of 2 at the most to get a smooth render, it's highly optimized! By default a subsurf level of 2 is on for the exterior and a level 1 for the interior amounting to 554k verts or 1m polygons with modifiers. The level of detail you require will be determined by the distance of your shot vs the resolution you choose.

Lamborghini Aventador Usage



The naming system of this product is done to keep things organized and easy to find. All objects carry the prefix LAM so that you can append the car into a new .blend file and it reduces the chances of being renamed because of a duplicate object (unless of course you have 2 of these in your scene). If the names are capitalized then it's not part of the car's design but rather a control.

The Controls:

Some controls of this vehicle can be found in an exceptionally bright green. Don't worry, these controls are set to invisible so they don't render and they don't affect the environment (shadows,reflections...) If you use the Outliner to select them they are written in CAPS to make them easy to find.

Master Parent (the object that moves the entire car) appears as a location pin similar to navigation websites. This pin is located toward the rear of the car because the pivot of a car is at this point. Use this object if you wish to change the size and position of the car

Wheels controls all 4 tyres and appears as a cart wheel. This object is located above the car and turns all the wheels. The location of this object doesn't really matter so it's safe to move it around if it gets in the way

Wheels Turn controls the front wheels. It appears as 2 revolving arrows also known as the refresh symbol

Base is the actually body of the car and most of the parts are parented to it. It's separated from the wheels so that it can tilt if need be. This is especially useful for those times when a character gets in the car and its body jiggles a little. To do this, rotate it on the Y axis.

Door Swing L/R controls the doors of the car. It appears as a ring on either side and allows the car doors to swing in the design of the Lamborghini. To rotate it, select the ring and press R and then Z twice to rotate it on its local axis. To rotate it as a regular car press R and then Z once. The door starts with an initial rotation so clearing it to zero will lead to undesired results. To reset the door swing use these values for the door rings (with the ring selected, press N in the 3D view and put these values in the "Rotation" section):

  • Door R
  • x  1.039
  • y  38.295
  • z  44.892


  • Door L
  • x  1.039
  • y  -38.295
  • z  -44.892


Other moveable parts can be directly manipulated by rotating that part of the car. Items such as:

  • Hood (X axis)
  • Boot (X axis)
  • Steering Wheel Base (X axis or grab it to move it forward)
  • Steering Wheel (Y local axis- press Y twice)
  • Start button cover (X axis)
  • Indicators (Y local axis- press Y twice)
  • Pedals (X axis)
  • Glove compartment (X axis)
  • Rearview mirror (trackball rotation- press R twice)

Layer Layout

This product uses the first 5 layers

  • Layer 1- Exterior body
  • Layer 2- Exterior body moveable parts
  • Layer 3 Interior moveable parts
  • Layer 4 Master controls
  • Layer 5 Infinity curve with a few light emitting planes and a camera

Additional Notes

If the parent-child lines are annoying you can turn them off without affecting the setup by pressing N in the 3d view and then scroll down to the "Display" section and uncheck the box labelled "Relationship Lines"

Anything with the suffix L or R usually refers to left or right respectively.

If a material is labelled 'emit', make the material emit for a nice effect (this is usually in reference to car lights)

Some items like the mirrors aren't able to be selected to prevent you from moving them out of place accidently. If you do need to select them, you can do so in the Outliner.


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