Kv 2 Ww2 Soviet Tank

by Infinitylt in Models

Model created in blender 2.82. The turret, gun and tracks are rigged. Model scale is accurate and centered at 0,0,0. This model has 3d tracks and is using PBR textures. The mesh is seperated into turret, hull, 2 tracks and 22 wheels. The model comes with 3 LOD's and 2 skins: camo and winter. Every material has diffuse, metalic, roughness and normal textures.

  • LOD 0 - 71,439 Tris
  • LOD1 - 35,879
  • LOD2 -10,601

Main textures: Hull 4096x4096 Turret 2048x2048 Tracks 1024x1024 Wheels 512x512