Kitbash 3d Street Ultimate

by AK Studio 3D in Models

KitBash 3D Street Ultimate

KitBash 3D Street Ultimate:

3D Models in Pack: ''127'' 3D Models

Poly Count : 2.5 M

PBR Textures: 282

UV: Yes, Non-Overlapping

Ready for Games: Yes

KitBash 3D Street Ultimate was created to support artists who want quick access and do not waste time on long modeling processes. No more stress and confusion, KitBash 3D Street Ultimate is a resource specifically designed to offload texturing and modeling to give You the confidence you need to create any scene. 

Every prop and set piece in this 3D asset set is Fully customizable, in mid-poly and 4K quality. 

From traffic lights and fences to food stalls, shopping carts and trash cans, construction zones, bus stops, and subway stations.