KIT OPS PRO: Asset / Kitbashing Addon

by Chipp Walters in Scripts and Addons

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  • griantalamonti 8 days ago

    The BEST Material/Cutters/Kit Manager for blender. Together with the "Definitely material system" it becomes a must-have for prototyping or final products.

  • Charles Faster about 2 months ago

    Great !
    When can i buy the Definitely EEVEE Materials System here.
    (don't like Gumroad)

    • Chipp Walters about 2 months ago

      It will be up in a day or so after they approve it.

  • nightmoan 3 months ago

    So it looks great and all, but I just bought it and it did not give me a link for the 300 insert pack. Please help me out.

    • Chipp Walters 3 months ago

      The 300 insert pack is part of the 2.79 build. Please see the documentation or take a look at: for more help on how to install.

  • Thibaut 5 months ago

    Addon with a lot of potential, and great default assets to use. Painful to install however and there's no possibility to modify the default cutters and inserts in the pro mode (or maybe I haven't found the proper way ?)
    Still very useful, good work :)

    • Chipp Walters 5 months ago

      Thibaut, Thanks for purchasing KIT OPS PRO! Install is easy. Just drag/drop the "kitops" folder in your addons. That's it. If you need more help, please read the Install instructions in the manual: Of course it is easy and possible to edit the default cutters or any other INSERTS in Pro mode. Again, see the Pro Factory manual: Please consider using one of our 5 support channels (Discord, BA, Gumroad Support, BM support and/or our website support form) or tweet us for help before writing a 3 star review with such little knowledge of how to use our product.

  • abdoubouam 5 months ago

    A huge time saver!
    Previously I used to manage my inserts manually, which was very hard and inefficient to do. With Kit OPS pro, I could not only use the bundled KPacks for quick prototyping, but I could also create my own inserts and other assets. What used to take me minutes (or even hours) is just a matter of seconds now, it's one of those rare tools that improve your workflow for good and you can't go back to not using it.
    I especially recommend it if you do a lot of hard-surface modelling!

    • Chipp Walters 5 months ago

      Abdoubouam, Thanks for the kind words. We certainly agree with your sentiment and use KIT OPS all the time on our client work!

  • hoxolotl 5 months ago

    Works as advertised, very easy to use, lots of greebles and easily extended. I'm adding the other greebles I have into kit ops pro, they are so much better and easier to use with this addon.

    • Chipp Walters 5 months ago

      Hi hoxolotl! Appreciate your purchase. If you create a greebles KPACK, consider posting it somewhere and we will also feature it on our website! Best of luck :-)

  • Marcel Michorius 6 months ago

    This is a great tool and when exported as OBJ to Cinema 4D it looks really good.

    • Chipp Walters 5 months ago

      Hi Marcel, That is an interesting use of KIT OPS PRO, as a front end for another 3D app! Thanks for your purchase and sharing your experience.

  • Frank 7 months ago

    Wow, this is awesome! :)

    • Chipp Walters 5 months ago

      Frank, short and sweet-- thank-you!

  • Gary 7 months ago

    Awesome product and more importantly awesome support. I was having an issue which turned out to be on the Blender side and not the addon side... the addon was working perfectly. But Chipp pointed me in the right direction. When I originally sent Chipp a support ticket he was quick to reply and when I emailed him back he literally answered in 30 seconds!!! That kind of customer care is unheard of! Thanks Chipp for the help and I look forward to using Kit-Ops Pro!

    • Chipp Walters 7 months ago

      Thanks Gary and we're always glad to help when we can! Enjoy KIT OPS!

  • thegreattank 7 months ago

    Very good addon, works wonder with HardOps.

    • Chipp Walters 7 months ago

      Thanks for taking the time to give us a review! Much appreciated. Hope you enjoy KIT OPS.

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