Kit Ops 2 Pro: Asset / Kitbashing Addon

by Chipp Walters in Scripts and Addons

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  • Rudmer Rotteveel 4 months ago

    I have no clue how this works so well. Once you make your own insert (model + boolean object) the boolean operation works so much faster than the original it's insane. I highly recommend it to anyone working on a big project that requires an asset manager and kitbashing.

  • Randy Quaiscer 6 months ago

    Do you like or need to make clothing along with the rest of the insane stuff you can do with this? Look no further, I'll explain how this can be used in a workflow for creating intricately detailed uniforms when kitops 2 is paired with Simply cloth pro. Simply cloth pro was more money than what I had to spend, BUT there's a very nice super insane promo code on the plugin page for Simply cloth, copy and paste it and it's way less money. So act fast if this interests you! The discount promo code is only up for November! I can show examples of the workflow if anyone wants

    It was either Batch or Simply cloth pro for the money I had left for this month. And this workflow makes it incredible for clothing detail, in ways I never would of imagined this could do. It's made this more versatile big time with cloth/uniform modelling. Now I'm even more excited to get Batch, it'll optimize how fast you go and I'm telling you, it's a game changer, and Chip is super nice and deserves the attention to let people know about this workflow. But I'm even more excited to get Batch next month now, it'll make this literally better than Daz in several ways.

    This is incredibly powerful, in ways even I never expected when I first bought kitops2 pro. I don't have batch yet, and the Chalk style pro from Chip also looks incredible and makes me froth at the mouth lol. But I never thought this would allow me to quickly make fast and pretty much perfect results when adding buttons, medals and stuff like that onto clothing. Pairing this with the simply cloth pro add on, there's what I feel is more powerful and fast than Daz right there inside blender. I can elaborate and give examples of this workflow is anyone wants. The uniform is 1st guards army, famous for their role in Stalingrad and to Berlin. A unique uniform I haven't seen anywhere else, something history fans would like and that's allot of my own personal shortish film is based on. At first I had no idea how to make all this detail. Kitops 2 can do it, and does it fast with this workflow. Saves me like a week's worth of time.

  • Anthony Aragues 7 months ago

    this workflow matches how I think about projects in terms of creating components and reusing and building on them to have a consistent style. The kpacks help illustrate the concept but even without prebuilt objects I think this is how I was to work with Blender

  • Nico van der Merwe 9 months ago

    Insert: No regrets.

    Insert: Big huge smile decal

    A+++ add-on and I bought it just before version 2 was released and although super happy with version 1, even more so with 2. Please, make plenty more store items especially animated kits, would support them all! :) :)

  • Titlepending 10 months ago

    Open to change my review if my license concerns are checked. However, at this time, I think legally I can't use any of the prepacked inserts.

    The Product is great, but "License Royalty Free" by default, I'm pretty sure this is a license change. "Kit Ops Pro: Asset / Kit bashing Addon" is also a change as far as I remember because "Kit Ops Pro" was like a addon and "Asset" wasn't in the title. Assets usually have License Royalty Free as they are ready to use products. However, I was using this product as a way to create my own blender creations. So here's the license and here are my concerns.

    “#1 The Royalty Free license grants you, the purchaser, the ability to make use of the purchased product for personal, educational, or commercial purposes as long as those purposes do not violate any of the following:

    #2 You may not resell, redistribute, or repackage the purchased product without explicit permission from the original author

    #3 You may not use the purchased product in a logo, watermark, or trademark of any kind

    Exception: shader, material, and texture products are exempt from this rule. These products are much the same as colors, and such are a secondary meaning and may be used as part of a logo, watermark, or trademark. “

    USECASE 1: Can I make something with the pre-made inserts and give it to one of my teammates for a project? I got bought this for a game project to make level assets, given that, will every team member now have to buy their own license.

    USECASE 2: Can people buy a game I make using inserts that come with this add-on?

    USECASE 3: Can I make game assets and sell them on game asset stores using the prepackaged inserts?

    USECASE 4: I use the assets to make an original logo/design, can I do use it because it is derivative work.

    The confusion here comes from is “Kit Ops Pro Addon” a plug-in I bought to which derivative work is 100% mine, or is it like “Assets” I bought to which the assets whereas derivative work is not mine and has limited use. I suppose given you can use the addon to make your own “inserts”, I may just have to do that to avoid any legal confusions.

    • Chipp Walters 10 months ago

      Hi Mr. Titlepending,

      The licence is an unusual case as Blender Market only gives us a few checkboxes, and this product comprises some special use issues.

      Had you contacted me through support, I would have put your mind at ease in writing so that whatever objects you create using the included KIT OPS INSERTs would have been yours to sell or do whatever you like with OTHER than selling the exact same asset as a kitbashing asset.i hope this clears up this issue.

  • tony 12 months ago

    Fantastic product! the original intended functionality is great, along w/ the high quality assets, but being able to make your own asset library that ACTUALLY WORKS and relatively easy to use is a life saver.

  • canor about 1 year ago

    It works great for me so far. Probably one small thing can be fixed. The chair model looks like it has no texture.

  • Psm over 1 year ago

    "Options for Apply in SMART Mode" is not displayed. Pressing the apply button does not apply anything. What should I do?

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Read the manual. Apply is shown only in Smart mode with INSERTS selected. There is a better way to convert your KIT OPS INSERTS to meshes as shown in this video:

      Note: this review area is for REVIEWS, not technical support. Please read the product description where you'll find technical support.

  • Jonas Hoeglund over 1 year ago

    Thanks for an excellent addon! I bought the Pro version yesterday and I am starting to see the advantage of the factory. Awesome!

    • Chipp Walters over 1 year ago

      Hi Jonas, very glad you're having productive fun! Feel free to post your creations over on our Discord channel.

  • david almost 2 years ago

    Estimado Chipp, mis congatulaciones por un excelente trabajo. La funcionalidad es innegable más aún en conjunción con BoxCutter, ahora puedo hacer buen uso de esas extrañas formas que se desarrollan sin motivo ni propósito, añadirlas a KitOps es rapidísimo y nunca deja de ser divertido trabajar con negativos sobre superficies lisas. ¡Muchas gracias!

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