Jl Realistic Horse Skeleton Rig For Blender 2.8 Eevee & Cycles

by Blender Pirate in Models

*** Please note, Only works in Blender 2.8 using Eevee or Cycles ***

Realistic Horse Skeleton created for anatomical research and my own personal muscle system development. This horse skeleton is fairly accurate with tons of hours spent into carefully researching every bones and modeled them as precisely as possible, including major bone landmarks.

Skeletons tend to be very high in geometry and not animation friendly, but this one is different. Instead of being sculpted and decimated, it was carefully box modeled, 100% quads. Instead of using more loops, I utilized mean creases a lot to have sharper details while keeping the geometry fairly low.

The bone material is 100% procedural with UVs, very easy to tweak and also uses dirty vertex color to make the joints darker. The rig is my own custom rig, few bones to animate, super easy to pose and animate.

Model with materials and shadow catcher with animated rig plus awesome fire effect all included.

This rig is perfect to practice animation and also to include in cool shots. Can also easily be decimated to be used in game engines.

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