Jackimorphic Camera Pack V1.0

by Jack Toth in Render Setups

Jackimorphic Camera Pack Version 1.0   (Launched 11/08/2022)

Example Renders posted all the time! 

New Demo Shots: https://youtu.be/nt2ZfzAQzNA 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackimorphic 

 Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackimorphic 

This is a camera setup for people who have used a real camera before... and a real anamorphic lens or want to start learning to take real anamorphic photography/film. It greatly helps to bring a sense of knowledge to this to make your shots beautiful!!! 

It brings the most beautiful attribute of anamorphic lenses to your renders, True Depth Distortion.  If you don't understand the significance between using a physical lens model in a path tracer and just placing an oval aperture in front of the sensor for egg bokeh (google 'AnamorFAKE')  then I think you need to watch films closer or play with a real anamorphic lens on a camera. 

Current News:    (12/1/2022)  Launch of the jActual Lenses!       See here: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/jactual-cameras-1 

Upcoming Updates:

  1. Standalone 1.5x and 1.33x WIDE models to reduce spherical abberations when solution is found. 
  2. Continuing research for aspherical elements for sharper and lower f-stop numbers :) 
  3. Continuing Flare research on the side, feel free to try these in Luxcore with a blue coating for now (but its gonna be  a while before usable flares due to computer limitations of today).

-12/5/2022  Discovered that moving farther from the starting Zero position to large world coordinate value will dramatically affect the images with increased glaring and loss of contrast. I think this is  a mathematical issue with Blender using rounding OR a math issue where a bit size allocation is maxed out  or something.   For now, keep the camera within a reasonable distance from starting point, (0,0,0) (like within 100 meters all directions) and know the farther away, the more innacurate lens clouding.

****Take a look at the Documentation Page for Other Issues/Bugs found so far and their current solution 

Current Versions found in the documentation page.

2.0x WIDE is HERE!!!!!  SOOOOO WIDE! I think I calc'd a 98deg field of view.  More sample images coming!

2x WIDE is free update to all 2x or Bundle Owners :)   Love you guys!

(*color graded/film grain in post) 

more example renders and project updates at https://twitter.com/jackimorphic 

Demo Shots by themselves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiVUJVohlHk

This is the Jackimorphic Camera Pack Version 1.0  2x Anamorphic lens kit.  This uses actual optical elements to create an accurate 2x Anamorphic lens system to bring life and cinematic realism to your cycles renders!


Most current methods of simulating an anamorphic camera do not achieve the right COMPRESSION of depth with the image and use tricks on the aperture to achieve a elongated bokeh.  This lens setup will achieve this naturally through its accuracy of the optical system and the calibrated curves tied to it.  (Flares and optical dispersion not included in version 1.0).

There are two camera kits in this, a double-focus camera (for dual focusing the camera and the anamorphic lenses) and a single-focus camera (another set of optics are added to the front for focusing). 

Dual Focus (faster):  Full Frame Camera Focal Length Range ~30mm to whatever

Single Focus (slower, but holds 2x squeeze better): Full Frame Camera Focal Length Range  ~100mm to whatever (due to vingetting)

Current settings are for a MFT sensor size (17.3mm) at around 50mm (dual focus) and 60mm (single focus) but feel free to experiment with all the settings.  

Look at that beautiful compressed parallax!  (2x Full Frame Single Focus, 50mm f3.0) 

(*color graded/film grain in post) 

( Free Model of Greece photogrammetry by Miguel Bandera, https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/peirene-fountain-corinth-greece-0e27dbeb0aec4ed9a5a4e56a7d1c1e94   is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution)

 (*color graded/film grain in post) 

Animated camera demo with focus breathing showing its effects on the background. 2x MFT sensor 50mm f2.2

girl model found here https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/khaloui 

Demo Animation of a small scale subject in a life-scale room. Good practice for macros to emphasize the anamorphic effect.  Scale is very important for use of this asset! (2x Single Focus at various focal lengths) (*color graded/film grain in post) 

(*color graded/film grain in post)  

This is a model of Shane from Blendswap. I thought it looked a little like me :)   

More Tests:


( Free Model of 'Projection Room' photogrammetry by Miguel Bandera, https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/projection-room-full-photogrammetry-scan-7cd03d4060ba4c6d91bde0949f71f5d9 ) (*color graded/film grain in post) 

Bedroom 3D Model created by user amaryase on BlendSwap! Find it here: https://blendswap.com/blend/30190 , youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfqhwjTznpI  (*color graded/film grain in post) 

(*color graded/film grain in post)  Room model by  akashdlfps  on Blendswap: https://blendswap.com/blend/25057

Free Photogrammetry of "The Kings Hall"  by Skokloster Castle (https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/the-king-s-hall-d18155613363445b9b68c0c67196d98d  is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution(*color graded/film grain in post) 

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