Isometric Kitchen 01

by HDRi Pro in Models

Isometric Kitchen Game Ready
Isometric Kitchen,  3D Models Low Poly ready for VR/AR and games or other applications. 

2K PBR Textures Included
- Non Overlapping UV Layout Map
- Resolution: up to 2048x2048px
- PBR Workflow: Base color, Metallic, Normal, Roughness, AO
- Textures Unreal Engine 4
- Textures Unity 5  (Standard Metallic)
- Plus Textures Unity HD Render Pipeline 

Assets Included*

beams, blackboard, bowl, cake, chair, cherry bowl, chopping board, coffee carafe, coffee cups, dispensation, floor, furnitures, hob, kitchen table, knife holder, oil bottle, plates, sink, walls

*All assets are also included separately, so that you can use them in a modular way


Vertices: 69053

Faces: 68376

Tris: 136064

Files formats included




Compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine 4 

Made and rendering in Blender v2.83 with Cycles. Texturing with Substance Painter.