IO Guru

by Mechanical Mustache in Scripts and Addons

IO-Guru makes importing and exporting objects as easy as a single click. This add-on also makes batch import and export possible with single clicks or shortcuts. Just set how you want your objects to be exported and never worry about it again, no more going through menus, paths. This add-on will make you save real production time.

Another sexy feature is being able to **paste objects** right into Blender from your file browsers. Do you need to import an object or many objects into Blender? Just paste it. Or use a batch import file via the add-on panel. The import process is format agnostic and fairly transparent, you can import many objects with different formats at once either via pasting or batch import.

All your export settings are permanent in your scene, so once you set it up you do not need to worry about it again.

The add-on is for 2.79 but 2.80 version will be ready very soon. Enjoy the early bird pricing.

Who is this for?

+ You need to export your objects constantly to their own folders with individual formats or deal with exports regularly, then this add-on is for you.

+ You want to bring objects into Blender right from your file explorer without needing to go through the import menu and file paths.

+ You want to import hundreds of objects into Blender with a shortcut or a single click

[TODO]+ You want to cache your animations and frames with a single click


* Paste an object into Blender instead of going through import menu.

* Paste many objects with different formats in one go.

* Batch import many files via simple batch files.

* Batch exporting of all the tagged objects ([x] export ) in the scene with their own export formats.

* Export only selected objects.

* Custom export path per object, each object can have its own export folder.

* Global scene wide export path.

* Local export path (where the .blend file resides)

* Custom mesh scale for the exports (applied during exporting)

Supported Formats

+ .obj

+ .fbx

+ .x3d

+ .slt

+ .ply

+ .dae (it does not support scaling during export)

+ .3ds (it does not support scaling during export)

+ (more to come)

Please see the GIFs for a basic demonstration of the addon.


* Either unzip the provided zip yo your ad-dons folder or use "Install add-n from File" in the "Add-ons" tab in your preferences window.

* The add-on provides two main panels, one for objects and one for scene wide operations which are the batch operations (including pasting). If you want to export selected objects, the panel will be listed under the object properties. Please find the batch operations under scene properties tab, if you need scene wide batch export or  pastes/imports

* For pasting operations you work you need couple things on Linux and other platforms.
    * You need a way to copy full file paths to clipboard. This can be easily done on Windows 10 with "Ctrl-Shift-Right click" in the file explorer on files, see the demonstration GIF below. Choose "copy as path". Please refer to your OS help for similar functionality, or find an application that would let you do that. On linux applications like Double Commander can be a help with that (Ctrl-Shift-C).
    * Linux: You need to make sure that "xclip" and "xsel" programs are installed.

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