Intro To Motion Graphics (Blender Course)

by Ducky 3D in Training

Lesson 1

In lesson 1 I walk through my default startup settings as well as my technique and theory on how to make seamless loops 

Lesson 2

In lesson 2 we will be learning how to tackle procedural modeling, a simple camera rig, and some fun node ricks to animate emissions 

Lesson 3

In lesson 3 we will be learning a versatile way to make stunning loops and diving right into my favorite way to create procedural looping patterns

Lesson 4

In lesson 4 We will be learning how to shape volume to create smoke and nebulas along with learning how to loop particle systems 

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 is packed with info. We will be learning many different ways to approach looping things and how to problem solve in those situations. Taking some rings we will be learning how to add variation to simple looping movements. At the end will be hopping in the compositor to add some extra effects. 

Lesson 6

In lesson 6 we will be taking many of the techniques we have learned in past lessons to create an eye catching and versatile loop design, along with a few new node tricks 

Lesson 7

In this last lesson we tackle how to use the text tool and a few ways to take 3D text and make cool graphics with it.

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