Intro To Motion Graphics (Blender Course)

by Ducky 3D in Training

Lesson 4

This is our first dive into geometry nodes. You will learn a simple setup that gives you a lot of creative flexibility. 

Lesson 5

This lesson builds off of the previous lesson. It takes what we just learned and takes it a lot further to show the potential of geometry nodes.

Lesson 6

This lesson teaches how you can make an entire scene in just one Geometry nodes tree. We will learn how to control each component that we modeled in the shader editor. 

Lesson 7

We will be making a realistic chipped paint material procedurally. Through this lesson you will learn how this process can yield a wide variety of materials. This lesson will set you up for the materials we will make in later lessons. 

Lesson 8

This lesson is another big geometry nodes lesson. We will learn how to delete geometry  procedurally, make a plexus inspired pattern, and a very detailed & animated scifi material.

Lesson 9 

This lesson will show you how to create animatable patterns in the shader editor & align them to form a grid pattern. We will learn a very powerful looping technique for using procedural patterns.

Lesson 10

The previous lesson set us up for this one. This entire lesson is procedural from the displacement to the pattern that makes the hills. This is a very dense lesson.

Lesson 11

We will learn everything about how to use the text tool. Then we will take that and show how materials can enhance the text geometry. We will also learn how to customize our keyframes for better motion.

Lesson 12

rendered entirely in Eevee, we will learn how to manipulate volume to create space clouds, a simple geometry nodes particle system, and how to make looping camera shake.

Lesson 13

This is a fun one, we will be making a kinetic animation that allows the spheres to roll around and loop the camera on a new axis we haven't done yet in the course.

Lesson 14

this is the BIG geometry nodes scene to finalize the course. We will be building an entire environment in geometry nodes and using the kinetic principles to get the ball to roll around. This lesson uses bits of almost every lesson in this course! 

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