International Space Station (2021)

by stephendowdy in Models

Detailed model of the International Space Station circa 2021 (the model includes the delayed 'Nauka' module scheduled for launch early 2021 but not the 'Prichal' module scheduled for launch late 2021).

The model was built in Blender 2.78 but will open in Blender 2.8+ without any problems.

Geometry and Rigging

The model consists of a total of 590,106 actual vertices (544,113 faces) rising to 2,360,590 (4,545,011 tris) when including the subdivision surface and mirror modifiers.

The solar and heat diffusion panels are fully rigged to deploy and retract via a single controller each.

Materials and Textures

All the solar panels utilise the same PBR material and textures, the primary modules have separate PRB materials with unique textures.

Each material has a base colour, metallic, roughness and normal maps (all 2k).