Interior Visualization Secrets In Blender

by Chocofur Store in Training

► I'm a Blender artist but I never did architectural renderings. Is this course for me?

If you're already a 3D Artist working in Blender this course is exactly for you! First, you already know Blender so adapting a new 3D skill will be much easier for you. Second, interior visualization is something that every creative person can learn. With the right foundations, it won't take ages but rather a few weeks. Third, this new skill will boost your confidence as a 3D artist and allow accepting a whole new range of projects and clients.

► I'm a complete beginner in 3D. Is this course for me?

If you're completely new to Blender, please check the first chapter of this course. It is completely free and it includes a separate mini-course on Blender basics. After finishing my Absolute Beginners Course in Blender you'll be more than ready to follow the lessons!

► I'm a 3D artist but I never used Blender. Is this course for me?

If you already have architectural visualization experience, this course is the fastest way to switch to Blender. After you grasp the foundations from the first chapter of this course, you'll be ready to start working in no time.

► Is it really possible to make professional renderings in Blender?

The shortest possible answer - of course, it is possible. Check out our Chocofur User Gallery. All images featured there were made using Blender and Cycles rendering engine. You have to remember that software is only a tool. What gets you the desired results are workflow and experience, and this is what I'm trying to teach in this course.  

► What are the system requirements to complete the course?

The hardware I was using when preparing the course was a Windows 10 Laptop with 32GB of ram and a GTX1070 graphics card. I was also able to re-create the main 3D scene using 2017's MacBook Pro 13-inch (the touch bar version). I'm pretty sure if you own anything with similar specifications, you'll be ready to complete the course. However, when it comes to the Apple hardware, you may experience problems when working with the Eevee rendering engine. The keyboard shortcuts I'm using are also more Windows friendly. You might need to figure some of the MacOS shortcuts yourself.

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