Interior Complex Vol 65

by jaroslawlebidkogmailcom in Models

Interior complex vol 65. (buying this product you support Blender)
Here are fully modeled, textured, lighted and Cycles ready model of modern interior.

This interior includes:
- walls with different materials and textures
- windows with “thick glass” material, doors, stairs
- furniture (dinner room, TV, ...)
- lamps
- some decorating (vases, pics, ...)
- lighting with HDRI, portal, area and point lamps
- different shaders (glass, metals, woods, plastics, stones, carpet, ...)

- plugins free scene
- all objects and materials are properly named
- UV unwrapped
- layers sorted
- blender 2.76b + Cycles
- correct arch scaling: 1 bu = 1 m

architecture, ArchViz, interior, home, furniture, decoration, lamp, carpet, material, shader, texture, vegetation, electronics