Instant Impostors V1.2 | One-Click Impostor Generation (Eevee)

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     With Instant Impostors, users can automatically convert any mesh into an optimized low-poly impostor, massively increasing performance in large-scale scenes. Using advanced shader-based rendering, the impostors display a detailed representation of the original mesh, utilizing 3D parallaxself shadowing, and translucency to further replicate the detail of the original object.

This addon is compatible with EEVEE only, and cannot export impostors to other game engines or programs. Additionally, animated impostors are not currently supported.

Compatible with Blender 3.3.0+



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For more information regarding the features and controls of the addon, visit the documentation page.


  • 1.1
    • Various bug fixes:
      • Generating a second impostor of an object with a different view count / resolution no longer gives an error
      • Impostors are now generated using the current rendering device, instead of defaulting to CPU
      • Resolved an issue with the 'self shadowing' checkbox not displaying properly
  • 1.2
    • Full performance overhaul
      • 20-80% reduction in generation times
      • Impostor spritesheets are now rendered to a grid instead of a long strip
    • Rendered sprites are optimized to heavily reduce wasted space in each tile
    • Ambient occlusion is now baked into each impostor for increased fidelity
    • New Generate Per Object checkbox
    • New Quality and Max Thickness options for the 3D render mode
    • General UI and shader reorganizations
    • 4.0 compatibility

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