Industrial Power Switch

by ejones_3d in Models

Industrial Power Switch

- Verticies 11,263
- Polygons 11,384 (10,800 Quads, 584 Tris)

An indutrial power switch great for any industrial environment setting.  It is mostly quad and some tri geometry. All model textures are 4096 x 4096 resolution with non-overlapping UVs. Painted to look grungy and scratched. For a "New" look only use the Color_Map_Clean texture.

- Created in Blender v2.79
- Exported as :
- 3ds
- dae
- fbx
- obj

- This model is two objects.
- Box, wires, and shaft
- Switch
- Non-overlapping UV Layout.
- Preview images where rendered in Cycles Render.
- Material images rendered with subdivision level 2 whith the exeption of the one labeled "Subdivision Level 0"
- Wireframe images rendered with no subdivision whith the exeption of the one labeled "Subdivision Level 2"

Texture Maps (All 4096x4096)

- AO_Map.png
- Color_Map.png
- Color_Map_Clean.png
- PowerSwithch_Normal.png
- Roughness_Map.png
- ScratchMask.png
- Color_Map_Combined.png (Combines Color_Map, Color_Map_Clean, and ScratchMask in case you don't want to deal with 3 textures)

Environment Texture
- ReflectEnvEquirectangular.png (2048x1024)