Industrial Pipes Pack

by Vin C in Models

The industrial pipes pack lets you jump right into scene creation without the need to waste precious time creating multiple assets from scratch. With 30 fully mapped parts, in both Blender and OBJ file formats, you can easily assemble background elements with minimal effort. Plus the quad geometry construction ensures you always get a clean model that works well at both hi and low poly counts.

(1024 resolution thumbnail images are included for each model, for easy referencing of parts.) Additionally the low poly bolt used on final parts has been included as a separate model.

Each model has its own UV map generated. (No textures included.)

Geometry is low poly quads. (Please note, renders were created with a subdivision surface modifier applied.)

This pack includes:

3 straight pipes at short, medium, and long length.

2 curved parts, a 90 and a 45 degree bend.

2 angled parts, a 90 and a 45 degree bend.

5 T-Connectors, including two straight variations, one 45 angle, and two curved, (One 45 degree angle and one 90 degree.)

5 end cap variants, 1 with a flat cap, 1 with an added valve,  one hinged valve cap, and 2 vents

3 Valve Connectors including 1 with 3 interchangeable cap variants. (1 standard top and 2 valves.)

1 four point cross-section connector.

1 six point cross section connector.

5 miscellaneous connectors, including two shorter length rings, and two standard length.

Additionally there is also a variation of the hinged end cap model (in Blender format), with relationships set up. (If using the OBJ version, you will have to separate and re-parent/re-rig the part.)

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Published about 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.81, 2.78
License Royalty Free
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