Image Editor+ Text Tool

by akaneyu in Scripts and Addons

Image Editor+ Text Tool lets you add some text to your image. This add-on works as an extension of our Image Editor Plus add-on.


Add-on nameNoteImage Editor PlusRequiredImage Layers NodeOptional (See "Combination with Image Layers Node")

You can choose one of the installed fonts, and can specify size and color. Your text will appear as a layer in the UV/Image Editor.

These text layers can be freely moved, rotated or scaled by the features of the Image Editor Plus.

Combination with Image Layers Node

Normally, you need to "merge" your text layers in order to render them. This means you can not edit them any more.

If you are using an Image Layers Node instead of built-in texture node, you can render your text layers without merging or baking them.

The image-based effect could be achieved with simple node structure.


Ver. 1.0.0 (Feb. 14, 2021)

  • Initial release.