by Junnichi Suko in Models

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This is 3D model and animation of an iguana.

I offer this model for those who want to test my model.

That is why it is published at this price.

This model has a typical pattern of my model as follows.

1. Basic animation set for walking. (Walk forward, Turn right, Turn left, Walk back)

2. Diffuse texture and Normal texture.

3. Two types of LOD(Level of detail). This is common to almost all models but there are some exceptions (Secretarybird, Ayu, etc.)

4. Size on blender scale.

The features which are different from other my assets are as follows.

This package has two types of the iguana(Iguana and NewIguana).

I took such measures to make a difference from what I published in other markets.

In addition to the blender size, it also includes a large size iguana.

This was used when using with the game engine.

Some of my other assets are only Blender Scale.

The method of resizing is possible as follows.


Animation names are listed in the document.