I2M 4.0 The Displacement & Procedural Image & Landscape Prototyping Tool

by NormalSteve in Addons

    I just reworked the addon & it now has 2 major upgrades for displacement and an upgrade to the landscape tool

    New Layout


    Introducing the NEW i2M Addon for Blender 3D! This reliable tool is designed to streamline your texturing & displacement workflow, providing more control and precision over your textures and displacements with its intuitive interface.
    The i2M Addon centralizes the texture selection and manipulation functionalities into a single, user-friendly panel, making it an essential toolset for both novices and seasoned 3D artists. Here's what it offers:

    Texture Settings: Navigate texture settings with ease, right within the i2M interface. Adjust the texture's flip axis with a simple checkbox, and fine-tune the filter's eccentricity and size with slider controls. Furthermore, manage the crop values for X and Y axes, giving you the utmost precision in your texture modifications.

    Browse Textures: Seamlessly browse through your texture files with the integrated "Browse Texture" function. The "Refresh Image" feature ensures the displayed image always represents the current texture, eliminating confusion and enhancing efficiency.

    Texture Rotation: The i2M Addon incorporates intuitive controls for rotating your mesh along the X or Y axis. This allows for swift orientation changes, facilitating a more experimental and responsive workflow.

    Add 3DsDisplace Modifier: Effortlessly add a Displace modifier named '3DsDisplace' to your mesh with a simple button press. This function enhances efficiency and eases your workflow.

    UV Map Selection: The i2M Addon enables direct UV map selection from the panel when viewport rendering is enabled, reducing navigation time and enhancing workflow fluidity.

    Texture Preview: The integrated texture preview section ensures you've chosen the right texture before applying it, offering a quick visual reference without having to dig through multiple panels.

    The i2M Addon is an indispensable tool, whether you're a professional 3D artist requiring a comprehensive, efficient texture manipulation system, or a hobbyist exploring the vast potential of Blender's texture and displacement tools.

    Elevate your Blender 3D texturing workflow with the i2M Addon today. Spend less time navigating panels and more time creating breathtaking 3D art!

    • Turn any Png/jpg image into a mesh displacement object with the texture applied in just a few clicks
    • Store mesh, object, and light data like:
    • position
    • Rotation
    • Energy
    • Radius
    • Camera positions and more
    • Add a Geometry node-based Proceedurl landscape with controls like:
    • Raycast position
    • Radius proximity
    • 4D Animation built-in
    • Switch between Materials, Instances, Proxy/ Is viewport
    • Procedural displacement controls to achieve a large number of landscape variations
    • Create cloth and convert it to a mesh as seen in the demo
    • Scale terrain and instances plus displacement follows the size and scales perfectly
    • More functions inside.

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    Published about 1 year ago
    Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
    License GPL
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