by Orcavia in Models

need assets with HD texture?

now available 18 doors,

with various textures of wood available in 2 resolutions, 4k or 2k

3D models are made with low poly with a modern design

You can adjust the number of poly as needed using "modifier" stack


  • Available in 2 versions of blenders (2.7x and 2.78) with different files
  • 18 doors each different design
  • different handles on each door
  • using "principled BSDF" material with original HD texture
  • neatly object (each door is placed on a different layer/collection)
  • real scale world
  • easy to customize

for more read documentation

each object are different layer in both version (blender 2.7x & 2.78)

You can take the object that you need

by opening the "doors collection" scene and open the scene that needs it

then copy (Ctrl + C) then paste (Ctrl + V)

like most programs

Object is already parent for each door

Cycles and eevee may differ slightly in compositing e.g normal insinity

Let me know if you any question..

maybe your question can be seen in the documentation

if not please send me a message

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