House C3V16

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House C3V16

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Why you should buy this?

  • simple materials, you have high quality PBR texture, you can very fast exchange this materials to yours,
  • fbx format, you can put model into Unity, valid rotation, no strange scale, all settings are good,
  • real dimensions
  • if you any problem with models, I can help, write to me,

Can you image, that you have one day to finish project. You need add nice house model in background. You haven't time to modeling your own house.

You can find free model on Internet, but this model not meet expectations.

Buy my model, is special prepared on situations like this. You can buy, download and put in your scene, seting materials and ready. Model has all elements simple named. You haven't problem to find any elements.

Materials are also very simple. If you want, can you fast chane color primary texture and you have a lot of variations this same house. This small investment a hundreds of version this same house. If you create your own game, this house is very good to you.

Models have:

  • simple texture,
  • materials,
  • UV mix,
  • eevee settings,
  • cycles settings
  • Uv prepraed for atlas baking,you only have to pack island on your UV editor,

Model you can use to:

  • fill your scenes,
  • as model to game,
  • as model to visualisation different models to interior of house,
  • as model to visualisation different models to exterior of house,
  • ideal for testing different setting of light,

Published over 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.9
License Royalty Free
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