Home Office Complete Scene

by Jaro3D in Models

Hello !

I would like to present complete interior scene ready to render.

The scene contains high quality, realistic and detailed models ready to use. Scene contains also all settings (lightning etc.), so you can just open the scene and hit render. 

- .blend file with complete scene ready to use (blender 2.82 and cycles) (include .fbx and .obj files)

- textures pack

Verts: 613,181 / Faces: 602,486

Render time: about 20 minutes (1920x1080, 1000 samples + OIDN denoiser, rendered on CUDA AMD Ryzen 7 1700x + GeForce GTX 1050ti).

If you have great GPU, render should be much faster.

Hope you will enjoy it ! Make your arch-viz better.

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