Holt Tools

by Curtis Holt in Scripts and Addons

This addon creates a new panel on the right N-menu in the 3D view, containing a few operations that I find useful in my day-to-day workflow.


- Organize Outliner: Automatically sorts objects into collections based on their data type. No more having to scroll through an endless list and sort objects manually.

- Convert Suffixes: Converts the names of all major data types from .001 to ._1. No more pointless zeros taking up extra space. This operation also takes into consideration names that use both suffixes.

- Purge Unwanted Data: The same as going to File -> Clean Up -> Purge All, just in a more convenient spot.

- Deep Clean: Performs all of the above operations all at once. Easy cleanup for someone who has just spent a whole day making a scene without any consideration for organization.

- Node Group Duplicate Fix: Reassigns any duplicated node group instances to their original tree.


- Select All Including: Lets you select all objects in the scene that include the string provided. Great for if you want to move all objects of a certain type at once. For example, if you had hundreds of 'Pipe' objects in the scene, just type 'Pipe' into the field and it will select all of them for you.

- Select All By Type: This quite simply lets you select all objects in the scene by type, using the drop-down to select the type you want.


- Global Increments: You can add and subtract energy from every light in the scene at once, maintaining the differences. Great for playing with the overall strength of the lighting in the scene without having to click through each of the light sources manually.


- Quick Decimation: Sometimes I just need to quickly crunch the vertex counts of objects. With this feature you can do so by providing a decimation ratio. It will automatically place a decimation modifier on the object and apply it in one go.

If you need help installing addons, please consult this guide.

This addon makes use of the EasyBPY module for Blender, simplifying the use of the Python API. Find more here.

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Published 10 months ago
Software Version 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
License GPL
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