Hira Plants Generator

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A plant generator that allows you to create a wide variety of plants made with blender geometry nodes.


Compatible with blender 4.0+.

Update: Nov. 26, 2023 Blender 3.4 or later → blender 4.0 or late


1・Able to generate a variety of plants

This generator can generate a variety of plants with only parameters without external data.

2・About the system for generating compound leaves

This generator forms plants of any morphology by generating single leaves, compound leaves, and tree-like structures in three stages.

This morphogenesis of leaf formation, not only the formation of a single leaf, but also the "way" the leaf "grows", can be done according to plant taxonomy, thereby creating a variety of plants.

In plant taxonomy, plants can be distinguished from other species by "phyllotaxis”.

This generator allows the user to control these parameters to reproduce more diverse and realistic leaf growth patterns.

3Generation of Tree Structure

In addition to the generation of leaves as described above, this generator can automatically generate tree structures, allowing the user to freely change the shape of the entire plant.

4About materials

This generator creates procedural materials to allow free design of plants.

This allows the user to freely design the appearance of plants using only this generator, without bringing in data from outside.

It is also possible to pursue more realism by setting pbr material, image material, and replacing objects.

5Mesh Reduction

In this generator, the mesh can be lightened without changing the shape so much by using the object replacement function.

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Published 10 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
License Royalty Free
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