Hdri Sky Moments: Sampler

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HDRI Sky Moments: Sampler

This product contains a handful of HDRI sky domes from each of Hyperfocal Design's 5 Moments Collections, for a total of 29 HDRI sky domes. It provides great variety in sky, time and lighting conditions. You'll find sunrises, sunsets, mid days, afternoons and nights in various levels of cloud cover. “...Hyperfocal Design are different from most HDRI libraries in that they are created with a very high dynamic range exposure which is ideal for really accurate lighting.” -Christopher Nichols, Author of Global Illumination: Exteriors and Interiors from The Gnomon Workshop. 1-step 1-Step Image Based Lighting. No virtual sun or gamma adjustments required for direct lighting or sharp shadows.   colorcorrected Color corrected with SpyderCheckr(TM) for accurate color   linear Linear gamma 1.0 - Perfect contrast and color rendition.   unclampedUn-Clamped HDRI - Shot using dense ND filters to properly expose the sun, giving bright highlights and sharp shadows.  


Resolution: 9500x4750 (bottom half is black)
Dynamic range (EV): 2-16 (full sun)
Time Frame: Sunrise to Night
Weather: Overcast/Cloudy/Clear
HDRIs: 29 Format: Lat/Long
Background elements: None
Colour corrected: Yes, SpyderCheckr(TM) color balanced
Gamma: 1.0, Linear color space
Sun Aligned: Yes - Sun always sets center of frame


I recommend using Cycles for HDRI lighting with high importance sampling. Please view the attached youtube video for details on using these HDRIs in Blender Cycles. I have tested and can confirm that these HDRIs work with Cycles and Octane, and while I haven’t tested with other renderers, you should be fine with any that support HDRI.

I’m happily contributing 10% of each sale to the Blender Developer Fund!