HDRI Shadow Compositor

by Marcus Mravik in Render Setups

The HDRI Shadow Compositor, or "Shadow Compositor" for short, is a node I created that allows its user to quickly and easily composite a realistic looking shadow (and caustics) onto a backplate with little adjusting to the node itself. 

The scene doesn't need to be re-rendered for tuning of the shadow, enabling a faster production for highly realistic renders. You can now use the wonderful HDRIs you've been saving up for so many years... and still get sharp, clean, realistic shadows from them.

I've tried adding reflections to a scene on the ground and I haven't gotten it to work yet. Hopefully in the future I'll get the reflections to work, but for now it's a no go. Anyone who wants to help implement reflections into the node are welcome to try. Send me your results and we'll work something out if I or anyone else hasn't already found a solution. Thanks!

Will this node be implemented into an easy to use addon?

I'm planning to allow someone to create an addon that sets the scene up without even touching the renderlayers tab or node editor... but I need a coder for that. PM me to work something out!

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