Hard Surface - Non-Destructive Modeling

by Pitiwazou in Training


In this tutorial, I will show you a really great workflow to make assets for Games (low/High), for Subdivisions and how to make High Rez model to use it for render or for baking.

The model will be 100% editable, like that you will be able to make different versions, Low poly, High poly, Subsurf mesh or Remesh/Openvdb mesh.

I will also show you how to use the bevel shader.

Like that you will have a workflow that allows you to do whatever you want ;)

In this tutorial, I use my addon, Speedflow, this addon allows you to work in full screen on Blender and to concentrate on your model instead of the UI.

The addon makes complex actions in one click, this is really fast.

I also added a video to show you how to do the asset without any addon, like that everybody is happy!


This tutorial uses Blender modifiers and to make our asset we will use a lot of modifiers.

We will create the base mesh, add a screw modifier, some bevels on vertex and after that, we will addon bool objects to cut ou model.

Everything will be editable and you will be able to control every setting.

This is a really powerful workflow!

After making the asset, we will see how to use it to make different versions and how to use the bevel shader, the Remesh to make a High rez mesh or the addon Openvdb.

Software Used


Addon Used

Speedflow, RMB Pie Menu

Files Included

– 3 videos tutorials

Video 1 - 50 minutes - We create the asset using Speedflow

Video 2 - 17 minutes - I show you how to do it without any addon

Video 3 - 25 minutes - We create 100% editable custom primitives

– 2 scenes

Asset scene

Custom Primitives scene

– Pictures of the asset

Don't hesitate to tell me if you want more tutorials ;)

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