Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle

by TeamC in Scripts and Addons

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  • Guido Schultz 4 days ago

    If it would work with macos and magic mouse scrolling it would get 5 stars.
    Messy menus (basic as well as pies)
    Not everyone is working with key-shortcuts, especially when using blender and other software...
    why not make boxcutter and HardOps one tool...

    anyways, maybe later, development is up notch, can't be better.
    Especially the videos are very helpful for the people who don't develop this tools,... :-))

    • Team Csharp 4 days ago

      thanks for your comment! It's a struggle to please everyone but we try our best. Separate tools. separate teams! Happy 2021!

  • Alberto Vangelista 19 days ago

    Best addons.

  • Shawn Blanch 28 days ago

    Masterxeon1001 and Team C are very responsive on their discord channel. You don't even need to @mention him (he'd rather you not just because he is already on top of keeping up with his server channels like a great dev should). They also give space for you to suggest improvement ideas! I love these add-ons and they are super complex which allows them to be used in many many many ways.
    Been doing the blender bros videos on their mech course to get myself more familiar with a specfic HOPS and BOXCUTTER workflow and I couldn't be more impressed with how these tools handle.

    My only gripe is that my session tends to slow down when I go crazy with multiple multiple cutters/bool modifiers. While this is not going to take a star off my review I did want to warn to be mindful of you modifier stack since non-destructive workflows tend to burn performance when adding your umpteenth cut.

    Other than this I am a completely satisfied customer. These devs constantly update their add-ons because I see an update at least once a month and sometimes once a week or so.

    Another satisfied customer!

  • Youssef Hossam about 2 months ago

    Very Perfect!

  • Stefan Björnson 3 months ago

    Really love these tools, Then as a good bonus, the developer has lots of great videos on Youtube. Definitely a given purchase for all Blender users!

  • Tal Swicegood 3 months ago

    Fantastic toolset

  • robert 4 months ago

    This Add-on has saved me much in time and frustration ....

  • Nicolás 4 months ago

    When I have to do a clean install of Blender this is the first addons I install, I don't want to use Blender without it.

  • Zerescas 4 months ago

    Good deal for reduce time consumption and pain in modelling hard-surface.

  • peter Reed 5 months ago

    Had this add-on for a long time and have loved it. But this latest addition to add a lasso tool is amazing, especially with a tablet. Its sick. 5*

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