Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle

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  • Arnie Carlson 9 days ago

    I've been a 3D artist for over 20 years, just for fun. My real job was making 3D parts for packaging machines. I tried Blender soon after it went open source. I did not think it was fun, too frustrating, so I spent a lot of money on various software packages over the years. I've fiddled with Blender on and off over the years, and I'm just now really starting to use it. I saw some You Tube videos about HardOps & BoxCutter, and that really got me interested. It's only been a week now and I've already made some pretty cool stuff, thanks. I have not made the trip all the way to Box City yet, but I think I have made it to the suburbs.

  • delazouch 3 months ago

    WOW, I've only been playing with hard surface modeling this year thanks to a Tutorial on Blender market,
    This is so much fun for a novice in hard surface modeling. what makes it even more fun.
    "This Works Batteries Included" the Guide love them the support love it.

    the only part I got lost with was adding a sphere, but I guess that might be my error

    Thanks for helping be go Deaf while the other half was nagging lol

    • Team Csharp 3 months ago

      with a cube selected I like to use Q >> Modifiers >> Spherecast to make a quick quad sphere.

      Alternatively there is the classic shift + A. Hope that helps. Drop a support line if you need assistance!

  • Tobias Steiner 4 months ago

    I bought this to challenge myself to stretch my modeling into the hard surface arena. I'd characterize myself as a general 3D modeler in a traditional sense and an organic modeler in ZBrush. The latter being something I really enjoy. But anyway, I've literally spent 30 minutes with these tools in Blender and I'm already seeing how powerful this will be. The learning curve can appear to be very intimidating at first glance but I encourage you to fiddle around with it and reference the videos provided for guidance. You'll get great results right away. I was actually really apprehensive about trying this because it looked really convoluted and complicated. It was a pleasant surprise to see that using the tools is actually creatively intuitive from early on. I'm not knocking the creators or the reference videos but I think the impression that these tools are really hard to learn is a product of presentation. I highly encourage some more direct thought into the usage videos. Take cues from the masters. No insult intended. Pixologic, SideFX, and Blender have made great use of direct, useful, and bite size nuggets of knowledge videos. Give it some thought. Your team is creating a great tool set here. I love it so far.

    I'd give it 5 stars for excellence in branding and guidance. For now, 4. ;)

  • Richard Klingler 4 months ago

    As a beginner in blender 2.80 you have to take some time to get used to this tools....it is advisable to download the youtube videos with a tool like clipgrab so you can watch it frame by frame as the tutorials are really fast paced...but it is really worth and you will love this awesome tool :-)

    Even more...today on a Sunday I got immediate replies from a team member who is currently on vacation....you can't get better support anywhere :-)

    Sad I can't give 10 out of 5 stars :-)

  • Johan 5 months ago

    Install start was a bit slow (new blender updates ,repeatedly changed Menu bar (updates) is for a beginner confusing because existing video's gave no new info about changed settings in Menu bar) BUT I found it and all is OK now. Explanation in the example video's is for a beginner TO FAST. every step I need to go back and forwards more than 20 times to follow the shortcuts ! Now I found a video how to make your own box from a serie cuts. SO HANDY !!! Slower and much better to follow. Boxcutter / Hard Ops, A great Addon !
    Now it is on me. Practice Practice Practice

    • Team Csharp 5 months ago

      We're always working to streamline the learning process. Sorry about the speed issues.

      HOPScutter tutorial content.

      When it comes to Boxcutter there are a couple of writeups that serve as the interim docs.
      With 711 I tried to go in depth with explaining what we were going for and what each button does.
      712 is the latest release which also has a page on it.

      This video is a popular introduction.

      But if you want to start at square one. I would start with this video.

      Also be sure to use the help button if you need assistance!

  • Jakub 5 months ago

    Great addon

  • klmgraphics 6 months ago

    New to Blender and this tool has gone a long way in assisting me to take full advantage of Blender much quicker than without it! I can see myself using this tool on just about every project I do from now on!

  • Steve White 6 months ago

    Great tools, most fun I've had in a while modeling.
    But I think more thought into separating some good straight forward documentation videos and your other vids which seem to be more explorative videos.

  • gary barringer 7 months ago

    Amazing tools! can't believe what it does..Only thing i could recommend is a slower more novice base to the tutorials..Going through each feature and what they do. No other thoughts on what was but what is present now. Wan't to get the most out of this product and i am new to blender coming from Lightwave. Its a different beast, so a bit more newb oriented vids would be awesome! Thanks for such a great tool. The Blender community is quite fantastic!

  • Esben Jacob Sloth 9 months ago

    Must have tool for doing booleans.
    Great customer support as well, responded to my inquiry within the hour.

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