Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle

by TeamC in Scripts and Addons

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  • Vlad Sofronie 7 days ago

    Coming from someone that tested all hardsurface modeling add-ons, this pack is a must! Go for it, learn it, master it and you will end up thanking Team C everyday for the awesome job that they do!

  • crankenstein 9 days ago

    Very active team with frequent updates. Highly recommended.

  • ajitesh 23 days ago


  • Kuutti 28 days ago

    Extremely helpful, the best part is that it doesn't replace any of Blenders default functionality, so if it's too overwhelming at the beginning, you can still do things the way you are used to.

  • Roald ballestad about 1 month ago


  • Mike 2 months ago

    Simply the best tools you can have for hard surface modelling. It will save you time and frustration and makes modelling so much more fun.

  • andre fry 2 months ago

    Can’t imagine using blender without these. Constant updates and improvements are beyond impressive.

  • Stefan Kotuziak 2 months ago

    After working with both add-ons for quite some months, I just keep appreciating them more and more. They are probably not for Blender beginners, because you really need to understand Blender's built in tools first.

    Having said that, the amount of power in these add-ons is incredible, not to mention the huge time savings you gain by working with them. They turn what can be a lengthy process into a 2 or 3 click function and that is well worth the price of admission. Hops and Boxcutter work hand in hand to provide a seamless experience. It's sometimes hard to tell where one starts and the other begins. As someone said, using one without the other is like riding a bicycle with no tyres.

    There are lots of hotkeys to learn, but there is useful info in Blender's status bar as a memory aid. My only small gripe would be that some of the menu options are repeated in different parts of the menus, but that's a minor negative. No software is perfect and the developers provide frequent updates, so that is a huge positive.

    There is so much to like about these add-ons that the (very) minor negatives are far outweighed by the sheer power available. Smart Apply, Step Bevels, Dice, the list goes on.

    If you're a dedicated hard surface modeller, these are a must have.

  • Rana Miah 3 months ago

    Have been using for a few months and new update came out so installed it and now BoxCutter cannot be added to blender.. frustrating as now i need to wait for a response.

    • Team Csharp 3 months ago

      and resolved. https://hardops-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/faq/#how-do-i-update-hard-ops-boxcutter
      Using the correct zip should rectify the issue. Thanks for the 3 stars!

  • Guido Schultz 3 months ago

    If it would work with macos and magic mouse scrolling it would get 5 stars.
    Messy menus (basic as well as pies)
    Not everyone is working with key-shortcuts, especially when using blender and other software...
    why not make boxcutter and HardOps one tool...

    anyways, maybe later, development is up notch, can't be better.
    Especially the videos are very helpful for the people who don't develop this tools,... :-))

    • Team Csharp 3 months ago

      thanks for your comment! It's a struggle to please everyone but we try our best. Separate tools. separate teams! Happy 2021!

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