Hair Brick

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What is Hair Bricks Addon

Hair Bricks is a layer-based grooming system powered by Blender's geometry node. Since blender switched to the new curve hair system, the possibilities for hair workflows have opened up, but the process of creating the hairstyles has become less intuitive for your everyday artist that would just like to focus on creating their hair asset. This tool solved that problem by focusing on the artist's needs without losing out on the power of the Geometry node system.


1. Creating Braided hair

2. Low fade haircut

3. Using Blender New System Like an Artist (Live streamed)

4.Hair Brick 1.2 update

Note: we used Blender from blender 3.5 to take advantage of the new nodes.


Hair System Organization 

you can easily view , select, rename, and go into the hair sculpting mode. 

Save and Share Hair presets

The hair stacks can be saved as preset within Blender and can be exported to be used by another user

Hair Modifiers

the hair modifiers have 3 main categories: 

Hair Effects: This consists of modifiers that apply the selected effects on the hair eg, duplicate hair, add noise, blend hair, etc.

Hair Styling: This applies some styling to the hair eg, wavy hair, curly hair, etc.

Hair Operations: this includes modifier bricks that apply operations to the hair eg. subdivide hair, reverse curve, generate hair, etc. you typically would apply them in most situations

Image Based Masking 

this gives the user the ability to mask off any effects to a particular section of the hair, to create all sorts of combination

Stylized Mesh Hair

in the styling category, you can apply one of the stylized hair presets that allows you to create mesh surfaces for stylized hairstyles

After purchase you will be getting free update with new nodes and also existing node updates and Ui Changes when available.

Update 1.2

- Add/duplicate new hair in sculpt mode - Automatically switches to the newly added hair in that mode. - Change between hair in sculpt mode by selecting in hairbricks outliner or press Alt Q over another hair. - selecting hair in viewport also selects in hairbricks outliner. - Unparenting a hair from the emiiter will delete it from hairbrick outliner. - Manual parenting or adding hair to object automatically adds it in hairbricks outliner. - Confirm before joining curves - new Duplicate curve without hairs - Rename modifier - Merge hair origin fix - Sharable/linked modifiers - Add existing modifier - Make unique modifier out of shared modifier - Collapse all modifiers (edited)
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Published 23 days ago
Blender Version 3.4
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
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License GPL
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