Gun Scifi - Pbr Asset

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Gun SciFi - PBR Asset
(Please note that the crate and the environment from the preview pictures are not part of this asset. You can purchase the full pack here:

Example Scene:

This asset pack contains a SciFi handgun complete with magazine and bullets.
Everything is in PBR Metal-Roughness workflow. It can be used with any PBR renderer or game engine such as Unity or UE4. The base scene is ready to render in Blender Cycles.
The Geometry is low poly with baked normals for fine details, as you can see in the renderings it works up to very close shots.
As a bonus, the handgun is also SubDiv ready, if you need extra detail.

All textures are included and in high resolution 8k.
You will also find 2k textures included, to save you time if you need a lower resolution.
The handgun has two texture variants: Grunge (Worn edges, scratches, dirt (see renders)) and Clean (fabric new)
Also there is a handgun texture variant without any text and markings, in case you want to add your own markings

The handgun is animatable to a certain degree. The magazine is really fitting in the handle, the bullets fit in the magazine, the scope and underbarrel element could be detached, the sunblends of the scope are movable as well.
FYI you may have to detach some elements in order to gain transform control in case you want to animate something.

3D model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.

Gun Body
Gun Magazine
Gun Bullet
Gun Scope

Basecolor /Diffuse
Normal DirectX
Normal OpenGL
Normal Clean (directly from bake, no 2d details added)
Environment HDR

Enjoy rendering!

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Published over 4 years ago
Software Version 2.79
License Royalty Free
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