Graveyard Fence Package

by Benoit3d in Models

Low-poly Fences and dividers for the Graveyard environment.

⚠️ Please, read carefully the description before you purchase this package.

🎁 Included:

•17 meshes,
•1 material,
•Normal, Specular, Diffuse textures 1024 px,
•Textures packed into the blend file. Ready to use,
•File formats: FBX, BLEND, OBJ, 3DS, STL.

📊 Stats:

•Fence_simple : 1032 tris
•Fence_base : 1916 tris
•Fence_base_stairs_01 : 1916 tris
•Fence_base_stairs_02: 1864 tris
•Fence_stairs_02 : 800 tris
•Fence_floor_tiles: 1986 tris
•Fence_bridge: 800 tris
•Fence_holow: 880 tris
•Fence_stairs_01: 1620 tris
•Graveyard_gate_column_base: 244 tris
•Graveyard_gate_column_01: 490 tris
•Graveyard_gate_column_02: 580 tris
•Graveyard_gate_column_03: 1827 tris
•Wood_Fence_02: 463 tris
•Wood_Fence_01 : 463 tris
•Stake: 115 tris
•Pedestal: 1398 tris


• UVs are unwrapped,
• Tangent Normal map using smoothing groups and UV islands.
• Be advised: this model is specifically optimized for 3d games.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 4 years ago
Software Version 2.78, 2.79
Render Engine Used Blender Game Engine
Misc Data UV's Unwrapped, Manifold mesh (water-tight), Normal Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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