Gradient 1.2- Fast & Advanced Gradual Colors For Cycles

by 3DVision in Surfacing

Warning, the updates of this product are suspended! 

The update of "Gradient 1.2" is now available! since 20/04/18.

Gradient will help you colorize your scenes quickly, you can manage the shader options with the property panel and create beautiful animation.

*this scene is included in this pack.

*Tornado scene not included

How many shader deliver it with gradient ?

Gradient is deliver with 2 shader, the first is set to generate color graduation for separate objects in all three axes, it has 2 mode "location+Flicking lights" or "random+Flicking lights".

Select shader 1 and press "TAB" to open.

Screenshot in shader 1

Use the "color ramp" to change the default colors and press "TAB" to close.

fig 1 To access the properties select the empty object.

fig 2 Gradient shader 1 "Diffuse/location mode"

fig 3 Gradient shader 1 "Diffuse/random mode"

fig 4 Gradient shader 1 "Random mode/Emission/Flicking lights"

fig 5 Gradient shader 1 "Location mode/Emission/Flicking lights"

If you switch to camera mode "2" as in Fig 6 Gradient uses camera movement to randomize colors, giving you a beautiful effect without any effort.

fig 6

fig 7 Gradient shader 1 Diffuse Mode "location"+ "Camera

fig 8 Gradient shader 1 Diffuse Mode "Random"+ "Camera"

The second shader allows you to create a color gradation for a single object in all three axes, see fig 9

fig 9 Gradient shader 2 Diffuse Mode "Location"

Camera mode "2" 

Gradient shader 2 Diffuse "Mode  Camera".

Is it compatible with particle systems ?

Gradient is perfectly compatible with particle system and if you use the"random mode" + "camera mode" you will have a beautiful rendering.

How can you help the creator ?

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  • Deliver with two shader.
  • Shader "1" generates a color graduation for separate objects and uses two modes "location" or "random".
  • Shader "2" generates a color gradation for a single object and uses the "location" mode.
  • The colors can be, randomized using the position of the object, the camera or with the properties.
  • ready for Particle System animations.

Update 1.2

  • Shader Grandient 1 is now compiled.
  • Shader Grandient 2 is now compiled.
  • for the "flicking lightc" mode you can now choose between "black and white" or "color" for the "location" and "random" mode of shader 1.
  • all the manipulations you do are now directly visible in "rendered" mode.
  • when you switch from one mode to another you can create progressive transitions for the animation.

Update 1.1

  • Emission mode now available.
  • Emission strenght control.
  • Flicking lights now available "location mode" Black and white color.
  • Flicking lights now available "random mode" mixed color.
Sales 30+
Published about 6 years ago
Blender Version 2.79
License GPL
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