Gp Animator Desk

by Calm Dude in Scripts and Addons

Grease Pencil Animator Desk is a set of panels and buttons, designed for better workflow with drawn animation. Making it I focused on working with tablets - with minimal use of keys.

Features of version 1.30:

Additional navigation and layout buttons on 3dView:

More traditonal Onion Skin switcher:

"Draw with Hints" display mode - system of hints helping to keep order and direction of drawn strokes - and prepare better keyframes for automatic inbetweens

Reference system - panel for transforming and managing reference drawings without leaving Drawing Mode (useful for Shift'n'Trace)

Easy Onion Skin color setup with 4 presets for fast switching:

Extended options for managing frames (more planned):

Fast switching between most used tools, without manual changing interaction modes:

Buttons for setting animation range and FPS - placed on Timeline window Header

Enjoy, and feel free to contact me with any question or suggestion.
or write on the Blender Artists forum,
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Published 10 months ago
Software Version 2.83, 2.93, 3.0
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