Gobos Light Textures

by Bproduction in Render Setups

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  • fooox
    about 6 hours ago

    perfect !

  • Jake Perl
    19 days ago

    The one thing I don't like about Florian's products is when there are no more left to buy. :D Whenever he releases a new one I pretty much don't have to think about it before buying. Like all the others, this one is very useful (maybe even essential), and really levels up the lighting in my scenes. Also, Florian is very interested in and responsive to feedback from his users, with regular updates on the products.

  • Ben
    20 days ago

    Great add on! Hopefully it'll be Eevee compatible too at some point

  • Moritz
    22 days ago

    I have tried it on some older scenes I had and I can definitely say that my work would have looked better if I had this addon before! I think that's everything you would want it to be: a product that enhances your lighting and therefore your whole scene.

  • Levy Bergman
    22 days ago

    Perfect collection of Gobos for your everyday work. Easy to install, easy to use and work flawlessly on the worse computer ever as well. perfect - as you expected from the creator of many great products, like Transportation, Gardener, Vegetation, Forestation.. and hopefully he'll keep creating more and more!!!

  • Gregory D. Moore
    23 days ago

    Extremely effective. An indispensable tool!

  • Nicolas Bouillard
    23 days ago

    Easily installed, works very well and fulfils all the promises. The renderings are of high quality with this addon. I like BPproduction addons for their finish, quality and efficiency; they save a lot of time.

  • paul
    24 days ago

    Absolutely essential add-on. One click and it makes your scene so much better. Recommended!

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