Geo Nodes Library (G1/G2/G3/G4/G5)

by AarchAranya in Modifier Setups

The GeoNodes Library is a continuously growing collection of geometry nodes helpers, visualizers, converters, generators & utility Assets & Nodegroup setups (currently totaling over 450) primarily useful for architectural, interior, landscape & urban design & visualization. Assets & Nodegroup setups are added on a regular basis.

The underlying purpose of the Library is educational & the intent is to Explore, Learn & Create. Each node-group is provided with a demo setup to explore & understand their non-destructive functionality. Additionally, some node-groups have multiple presets included in the demo setups. 

These Collections are aimed to help you unpack the underlying mysteries (!!) & make you familiar, friendly & a master of Geometry Nodes modifiers in no time.

Currently, there are five collections of node groups - G1, G2, G3, G4 & G5, with over 450 Assets & Nodegroup setups in all (including presets). G1 & G2 are aimed for beginners/newbies, while the higher noted Collections are for intermediate & advance level.

Node Group collections are available on Highest Value basis - you only pay the difference value for the higher value collection.

All subsequent updates/additions to the respective Collections are free.

Collection G1 includes over 125 Assets & setups, primarily consisting of converters, helpers, utilities & visualizer node groups.

Collection G2 includes over 125 Assets & setups in addition to all the nodegroups from Collection G1 (Total over 250 setups). The setups primarily consist of generators, helpers and utility node groups.

Collection G3 includes over 150 Assets & setups in addition to all the node groups from Collection G1 and G2. (Total over 400 setups). The setups include:

i)   a Tensile shapes Base Mesh generators,

ii)   a Designer Pattern Tile creator along with a Tiled Floor Generators,

iii) stylized Basket Generators

iv)  a stylized Table & Table-Top Generators

v)   pyramids and pagodas base meshes Generators (traditional & contemporary designs)

vi)   Also includes objects like Sinusoidal Wiggles, Sinusoidal Mobius Box Generators

vii)   Different methods for Tris & Quad mesh subdivisions

Collection G4 includes 20 setups (primarily animations & simulation related), in addition to all the setups available with Collection G1, G2 & G3 (Total over 425 setups).

Collection G5 includes 37 setups for generating Parametric Assets including Installation Artwork & Canopies (including necessary respective UVs), in addition to all the setups available with Collection G1, G2, G3 & G4 (Total over 450 setups).

The setups being procedural and non-destructive, you can generate infinite variations from each of the node group setups.


The blend files are updated for ver 4.2, 4.1, 4.0 & 3.6

All feasible node-groups are asset-browser ready.

Your feedback is appreciated & welcome.

Lookout for regular updates to the Library.

Happy Noodling & Happy Blending.



Irrespective of anything written anywhere else, this product is not permitted to be used for any training purpose for any software or AI or AI related usecase under any circumstances, unless explicit permission for the same is obtained directly from the creator of this product.


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