Glassware - Glass Set

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Glassware - Complete glasses set

To bring more realism into your scene what’s better than include some furniture and quotidian items, like a coffee mug, a basket of fruit and a good variety of glasses?! This one is a very convenient set, divided into many categories. You can use it in a normal house scene, a hotel, pub or a very luxurious event! Why would I buy a model of a glass? It is very easy to make one! - Ok, it could be easy, but how about the time? You need to find a reference, a real size, start to model, finish and there were 2 hours to make a glass. How about 54 glasses? This model will save a lot of time! And bring accuracy about the size and real market models! There are:

  • 18 - Normal Glasses
  • 13 - Wine Glasses
  • 06 - Beer Glasses
  • 03 - Dessert Glasses
  • 02 - Coffee Glasses
  • 05 - Cocktail Glasses
  • 04 - Ice tea glasses
  • 04 - Shooters Glasses

One Free model for each customer!

After you buy this set you can send me a request to make a special glass for you! Why? Let's say that you have a client that wants a project with a specific glass that you don't find in this set. Or you want a glass that is very common in your country. I will do it for you as a bonus =] What's happening after that? I will send you a new version of model pack, that includes your model, I will then upload the updated model pack here. So that new buyers will have an updated set. But what if I bought this model first and didn't know there are new glasses! - No problem, each client will receive lifetime updates for free. Every time a new version is added here all clients will receive the last version. You just need to send me an email and after confirmation that you bought this model on this site you will receive the updates!


  • – Photo-realistic model
  • – Scale 1:1, real size.
  • – Pivot point located in the base of each glass to make easy to position the model in your scene.
  • _ Logical Group Divided.
  • – Objects logical named, it is easy to find the objects in your scene.
  • – Material logical named and organized and grouped nodes to improve your work

Warranty and Lifetime Support

If the model has any problem or incompatibility with your scene I will solve this in 30 days or you will receive your money back. Now Cycles is a good and popular render, but if in the future I start to make models in another render or if cycles go out and I start to convert my models to another render I will share with you for free. If you need this model with another render that I didn’t make yet let me know or send a comment.

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Blender Version 2.7x
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