Gingerbread Cookies

by Katerina Novakova in Models

There are 4 objects included:

  • Bell_cookie (2268 tris)
  • Heart_cookie (1948 tris)
  • Star_cookie (2212 tris)
  • Tree_cookie (2200 tris)

The cookies have real-world dimensions (in cm), and they have origins placed at the bottom for an easy placement. Each cookie is a single mesh, but can be easily separated in Blender into individual parts.

The materials come in 2 versions:

  • 1 material - the cookies share the same material and use 2k textures
  • 4 materials - each cookie has its own material and they use 1k textures

The textures are PBR and consist of base color, roughness and normal. The cookies are as lowpoly as possible, while retaining curvature. UVs of the gingerbread aren't overlapping, but the icing is (to save space and increase texture detail).

The formats included are .blend, .fbx, .obj. If you unpack the Texture folders, the textures should be loaded automatically in the imported FBX and OBJ files.