Gesture Ops

by Pixel Egg Studio in Scripts and Addons

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts available for blender user to use, and some of them are so hard to trigger, and you need to remember a lot of shortcuts and you also forget some of them. 

With Gesture Ops, you can trigger the same operations by using your mouse to draw some simple-pattern lines in the 3D View.

For example, how to draw this pattern?

You can just:

  1. Left clicking anywhere in the 3D View, then drag your mouse from left to right, and then release the left mouse button to finish the first line.
  2. Repeat (1) to draw another line. And you trigger the operator assigned to this pattern gesture.

Here is a simple demo on how I use this add-on to switch between Edit Mode and Select Mode easily.

Please see the Document above on how to assign operators to pattern gestures. And also see FAQ section for some help.

All bug reports and feature requests are very welcome, let's make iterate loops for developing a good add-on.


Version 0.0.5
  • Add modes as an options in add-on preferences

Version 0.0.4

  • Add ALT (Option in macOS) modifier

Version 0.03

  • Fix: A crash while pressing shift and click then drag the mouse

Version 0.0.2

  • Fix: Add on not enabled after loading new blender files

Version 0.0.1

  • Initial release

How to install

Open Blender, go to File > User Preferences > Add-ons (or Edit > Preferences > Add-ons in 2.80), then press the "Install Add-on from File" button. Select the ZIP file that you downloaded after purchase and install it.

After installed, tick the add-on checkbox to enable it, and save your user preferences so it stays enabled.

How to assign an operator to a pattern gesture

Find the operator you want to assign, right click your mouse on the operator (Edit Mode, Select Mode in the GIF below) to show up a context menu, and choose Copy Python Command, and paste it in the Add-on preferences.

This GIF shows how to do it by adding two operators to gestures.

*Note: Press Command + V (Ctrl + V on Windows) to paste text into the text field.

Can I send feature requests or bug reports?

Yes, of course, your feedbacks are very important to me, feel free to do it.

At the moment, just sent your feedback to [email protected]

Which versions of Blender does this add-on support?

This add-on supports both 2.79b and 2.80.

Item Rating

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  • Marcial 13 days ago

    I really like the idea and think its wonderful. What prevents me from giving it five starts is that I thought it could help with my sculpting but the CTRL and SHIFT keys are used a lot in sculpt mode which makes it impossible for me to use it there :(, but for hard surface and whatnot I think its pretty cool. A solution to use it alongside sculpting mode would be really great.

    • Aaron Elkins 13 days ago

      Thank you for your rating, and do you think adding a ALT(Option in Mac) key is helpful to your sculpting mode?

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