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GeoTagger - Transform Your 3D Annotations in Blender!

GeoTagger is the ultimate tool for adding dynamic and intelligent annotations to your 3D projects in Blender. Whether you're an architecture professional, game developer, 3D artist, or educator, GeoTagger makes it easy to create informative and stylish tags directly in your Blender scenes.

Why Choose GeoTagger?

Simplicity and Power: Easy to use while offering powerful features for detailed and dynamic annotations.
Productivity Enhancement: Streamline your workflow and improve the quality of your 3D presentations.
Versatility: Perfect for a variety of fields, including architecture, game development, education, and more.

Technical Details:

Type: Geo node modifier (Import no physical assets).
Compatibility: Works with Blender version 4.1 and above.
Easy Installation: Place the Blend file in your asset collection. (I've never used the Asset Browser... Click here!)

What's New in GeoTagger ?


GeoBubble: You can now generate dialog bubbles with the new GeoBubble modifier.
Frame mode: Instant display in “Frame” generation mode is now possible.


Dual Text: Add two texts simultaneously for more detailed and informative annotations, allowing for better explanation of elements.
Text Box: Incorporate your annotations into elegant and customizable text boxes for clear and professional presentation.
GeoMouse: Animate the text by simulating a mouse. This mode consists of a 3D cursor (an empty object) that serves as a proximity trigger and a pointer that follows the cursor's position while displaying on the camera.
Screen: Project your annotations directly onto the screen, making them visible and accessible from any viewing angle, while preserving the tag's size regardless of the distance between the target and the camera.

An example of GeoTagger's GeoMouse feature in action, showcasing a boat annotated in a Cell Fluid simulation.


Add a Tag


Flexible Display

Precise Targeting

Intuitive Alignment

Curve Customization

Main features






Manual: Generate tags manually according to your needs.
Frames: Generate tags by assigning specific frame positions.
Object Position: Generate tags based on proximity to a designated object.
Walk Navigation: Generate tags based on proximity to the active camera.

Flexible Display

Object: Display tags directly on objects.
Camera: Display tags based on the active camera.

Precise Targeting

Box: Display tags on the surface of the object's bounding box.
Origin: Display tags at the object's origin.
Vertice | Edge | Face: Display tags on the index of the selected selection mode.
Custom Target: Display tags on the assigned object.

Intuitive Alignment

Object: Align tags with the object's position.
Camera: Align tags with the active camera's rotation.

Curve Customization

Styles x8: LemonZigzag, PeachHook, AppleArc, SnakeFruit, LightningPear, SugarCane, CherryTwist, KiwiLoop.
Types x4: Linear, Subtract, Addition, Equal.



Animated text

Location: Animate the text's position.
Rotation: Animate the text's rotation.
Scale: Animate the text's scale.


How to add a tag?

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