Geometry Nodes Tree

by yossof karim in Modifier Setups

This Blend File contains a Geometry Nodes Setup that helps you create a fully custom Tree.

You can control The Tree Growth and create animations like the one in the video, you can also control The Branches Density, The Collection that will be used as Branches the same thing for the limbs, The Resolution for both X and Y axis, The Height of the Tree and much more that you can see in The Last Product Picture.

Why buy this Product:
-It offers you one of the most complex/hard Models(Tree).
-You can change whatever you want in The Tree with ease.
-It buys you a lot of time and effort especially when you want to make multiple different/unlike Trees
-It uses PBR textures(Which means you can easily change The Textures Settings)
-Its Cheap only 4.99$

Published 27 days ago
Software Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
License Creative Commons
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