Geometry Nodes Procedural Stitches

by Studio Roel Deden in Modifier Setups

With this stitch generator, you can draw stitch patterns on your meshes. In the geometry parameters, you select the object you want to give stitches and customize the pattern as you wish. There are currently 5 standard patterns that can be adjusted to make new ones. You can customize the rotation, distance, length, height, thread thickness, seam and creases, materials and the rotation randomness. The best method is to draw on your models, but it is also possible to copy an edge loop of your model and set the mode to "mesh" or convert the edge loop to a curve to easily add a stitch line.

The current stitch patterns that you can use are:
Line stitch horizontal
Line stitch Vertical
Cross stitch
Bouble line stitch
V-stitch Horizontal
V-stitch Vertical
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Blender Version 4.1
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