[Geometry Node]Gear-Automatic Rotation Control-

by harine031 in Modifier Setups

A geometry node that can be created by automatically adjusting gear engagement and rotation speed.
Even if the size of the gear is different, the internal logic automatically adjusts the rotation speed.
To match gear rotation and meshing,
-Rotation Speed
The above two values ​​must match for all gears.
Other values ​​can be freely changed.

CreationBlender ver - 3.3

Module - module value, module value must match to match other gears and meshing. You can use the default settings without any particular changes.
Rotation Direction Switch - Switches the direction of rotation. Set to rotate in the opposite direction to the adjacent gear.
Rotation Speed ​​- Speed ​​of rotation. Match with other gear.
Spokes Number - number of gear teeth
Spokes Length - gear tooth length
Spokes Scale - the size of the tip of the gear
High - gear thickness
Hole Radius - the size of the hole in the center of the gear

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Blender Version 3.3
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Tags: Gear, Node, Geometry